Reviews from Customers


Gerie has always given me excellent customer service! She makes me feel so good about myself with her warm and genuine heart! I feel like a family member to her and her to me. 
She has a gift for knowing and caring about fashion for everyone! Gerie choses the right clothing and the right fit for me! Gerie has given me a new wardrobe and the most beautiful clothing I have ever owned! I will always shop with Gerie’s Fashion Closet... 

Thank You...Gerie 💜💜💜


If It weren’t for Gerie’s Fashion Closet, I would not have owned a pair of T-Party Pants. I may have become just another disgruntled passenger on my airplane flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.

With hours upon hours of sitting, sleeping in airports, and planes, twenty hours later, I remained calm, comfortable, and convinced that these pants were one of the best purchase I have made in a long time. I love them so much I bought a second pair today! I can alway’s count on the fact Gerie has the best selections when its comes to Travel happy clothing.

I have been a customer for 24 years, and will continue to count on her for my clothes.


Studio City, CA


Hi Gerie (and Robin!)
I love the camisole/tank top with lace hems that I bought from you at the Monterey Jazz Fest! I love all the outfits you put together for me! I'm getting such compliments! You do such a great job of dressing each person, it all comes together so well!
Rachel Santos, Monterey, CA  
I met Gerie at the Seattle Flower show and found treasure upon treasure. She has very cute tastes and I've gotten so many compliments on my new jacket! Thank you miss Gerie!
Melissa B., Portland, OR
I Discovered Gerie's Closet at the Northwest Flower and Garden show in February 2018.  My friend and I had so much fun shopping there. We bought clothes instead of flowers that day ;)  I especially love the pale aqua lace top I bought that is unique to her boutique.  I look forward to shopping online now that I know how the sizes fit, how good the quality is, and that Gerie will be sure that I am satisfied with my purchases.
PY- Seattle,WA
I love that your fashions don't wrinkle and travel well. And they look great with my jewelry. As a travelling jeweler, that is very important to me. And your long duster style jackets are so flattering. I am in love with my new duster length jacket. It actually improves the look of my figure. You did that on purpose right?

Cala Gold,Camarillo CA 


I love making an appointment with Gerie on my own schedule, without rushing, and she gives me complete personal attention.  I turn on Facetime or Skype and she helps me work through what doesn't work and then fixes it!   I really needed help and I am so happy I found a solution

B. Carthart, Silicon Valley, CA


Gerie's fashions are as durable as they are beautiful!!! I have many items and will definitely buy more! Thank you Gerie for your good taste : )

Tracy Pallais, Sanat Cruz, CA


The sweetest and most honest clothing fashionista. Love her up to date fashion. Met Gerie at the garden show in SF. Hope to see you this coming year. Hugs.

C. Cusella, Denver, CO 


She is the original CABI! She has been wardrobing my closet since 2009 and I knew she had it together when I was stopped walking down Michigan Avenue and a stranger complimented me. WOW. Friends always compliment what I am wearing. I love telling them about Gerie - and NOW, I can say you can shop online

Sarah Symto, Westlake Village, CA



Gerie came into my closet and drama ran out! It's so hard to know what to wear. After I graduated from college, my life changed and now that I have a job, I need to look the part. Gerie took ALL the guessing out of it. I feel so much more organized and ready for feeling confident for my summer internship. 

Alex Davies, Thousand Oaks, CA